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Environmental, Social and Governance

Acting responsibly is fundamental to operating a productive and profitable business. It is for this reason that we have embedded Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles across our operations and pursue philanthropic initiatives that strengthen our foundations in the communities in which we do business. These efforts help us to ensure that our business model is sustainable in the future.

Our ESG Principles

As we pursue our value-related goals, the following principles and associated practices ensure that we manage our investments with integrity, balancing economic goals with good corporate citizenship.

Employee Well-Being

Meet or exceed all applicable labour laws and standards in jurisdictions in which we operate, including respecting human rights, offering competitive wages and implementing nondiscriminatory fully inclusive hiring practices.

Governance, Ethics and Fairness

Operate with the highest ethical standards by conducting business activities in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.



Be accessible to our investors and stakeholders by being responsive to requests for information and communicating in a timely manner.


Community Engagement

Engage with community groups to ensure their interests, safety and well-being are appropriately integrated into our decision-making process.

Health and Safety

To have zero serious safety incidents within our businesses, by implementing consistent health and safety principles across the organization.

Environmental Stewardship

Strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and improve our efficient use of resources over time.